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Forgotten Friends is an 501 c (3) Austin-based rescue group that was founded in 1999 to help reduce the number of sweet, loving dogs that die everyday in area shelters for lack of a suitable home. We are supported solely by volunteers and donations from the community.

We are volunteer-based and 100% of our funds are used for the care and maintenance of our rescued dogs.

Puppies and dogs enter our program from area shelters and stay at a private mini shelter until foster homes become open or new fosters sign on. Then they can be moved out to a foster home for training before going to new families. If there are no available fosters, the dogs reside at the shelter until they are adopted.

Our mission is to rehome our puppies and dogs into homes who are fully committed to their lifetime care. We are committed to finding the very best match between the needs of our adopters and our dogs by carefully screening applications, meet & greet sessions, home visits and vet checks.

Thank you for choosing rescue! Please do not buy from back yard breeders, pet stores or puppy mills while abandoned animals fill our shelters!

A HUGE thank you to the Friends of the Forest Foundation for their donation to Forgotten Friends raised from EEYORE'S Birthday Party!!!!

EEYORE'S Birthday Party has won the Austin Chronicle's Best Annual Party for 10 years straight! We are honored to have been chosen one of the non profits chosen to benefit from the income from this event.

EEYORE'S Birthday Party is always on the last Saturday in April, this year's upcoming date is April 26th, 2014. EEYORE Is 51 years old this year but he still looks like a baby! For more information, please call 512-448-5160 or visit

Please visit our Facebook page and LIKE us!

If you can't foster or adopt, you can still help! SHOP for us!! We appreciate all donations!


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